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Frequently Asked Questions

Circular Saw

Q: "How late into the year do you still build fences?"
A: "We build fences all year long, summer and winter. We can set posts in concrete, even in the cold, January temperatures. Since our concrete footers are underground, and we include cold weather additives to the concrete, we can set our posts in temperatures as cold as 12°F. Call us today.... We're working....Yes, even in snow!"

Q:  "Who is in charge of helping me with planning my project and making sure it is properly executed?"
A:  "One of the three Willhoite brothers (Greg, Joe, or Jim) will be with you from start to finish helping you with your project."

Q:  "How long will it take for my fence to be installed?"
A:  "Sometimes the size of the job can affect how long it will take for the fence to be installed. However, we normally ask for 5 business days to install the fence. For wood fences on the first day, we will set our posts in concrete. The concrete usually takes between 24-48 hours to cure. We will then come back on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th day (depending upon weather) to nail up boards and hang gates. For aluminum fences, the posts and sections are assembled in the same day. The size of the job and weather are the only factors affecting aluminum installation."

Q: "If I am having landscaping done or a pool installed around the time of my fence installation, do I need to tell them anything?"
A:  "All that you'll need to tell them is that we will be installing your fence. If you provide us with the name of the company doing your pool or landscaping and the person with whom
you're working, we can take care of the rest. Our business has excellent experience
coordinating with just about every pool and landscaping company in the Dayton area."

Q:  "Do you set your fence posts in dirt?"
A:  "No. All of our fence posts get set in a minimum of 2 feet of concrete, regardless of style."

Q:  "Where do you get your lumber?"
A:  "We buy our lumber, by the truckload, from mills in the Northwestern United States."

Q:  "Do I need to be home when my fence is installed?"
A:  "No. We do not require that you be home during the installation of your fence. We only ask that we have some method of contacting you should the need arise."

Q:  "What methods of payment do you accept?"
A:  "We will accept cash or a check. Sorry we do not accept credit/debit cards."